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Mission Statement: St. Ann School is a Catholic community that provides a well-rounded educational foundation in a Christ-centered environment. In partnership with parents, who are the primary educators of their children, Saint Ann School strives to cultivate excellence in all areas of student development and to equip our students with the necessary skills to be effective communicators and innovative leaders in our global world.


Our Philosophy: St. Ann School (ages 2 to Grade 8) is a Catholic Parish community dedicated to the charism of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. As individual members, we strive for the universal goal: To teach as Jesus did.

We exemplify the values and principles of Jesus and instill them in our students. In partnership with parents, who are the primary educators, we believe that given the right conditions, all children can learn. The entire school community works together to empower and challenge our students to become:

  • Faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ;
  • Seekers of academic and aesthetic excellence; 
  • Independent learners;
  • Global citizens in service to the common good. 


St. Ann School (ages 2 - Grade 8) is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA). In 1994, 2000, 2006, 2012 and again in 2018, St. Ann's Schools was granted a six year accreditation certificate from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA).

The ELC was the first preschool in the state of Hawaii to be accredited by both organizations. WCEA accredits Catholic elementary and secondary schools in nine western states (26 (arch) dioceses) and the US Territory of Guam. WCEA co-accredits and is in partnership with three Regional agencies (WASC, NAAS, NCA, CASI) and two private agencies (CAIS and HAIS). WCEA began in 1957 in San Francisco and has a long and successful history of assisting school improvement through the accreditation process. For more information please visit

St. Ann School is licensed by the Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Honolulu in the State of Hawaii. Additionally, St. Ann's Early Learning Center and St. Ann's Extended Day Programs are licensed by the Department of Human Services: Child Care Connection and Good Beginnings Alliance.

Our Catholic Identity...

St. Ann School provides a challenging, coherent, and relevant Religion Curriculum that fulfills the schools' philosophy and mission by emphasizing that all children can learn and have the right to Religious Education. The first five strands of the Religion curriculum are based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which are Creed, Liturgy and Sacrament, Morality, Prayer and Scripture. The sixth strand is on the SS.CC. Charism, which functions as the heart of the parish/schools' identity. This is due to the strong historical and relevant presence of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary for over 168 years in the parish community.

Service Learning is an integral part of our Religion Curriculum. Service Learning is a process that is more than mere isolated acts of volunteerism, but rather an ongoing process that services local and global communities. At St. Ann's School, classes identify a community in need and determine ways in which students can learn, serve, and reflect upon that community's needs. Service Learning Projects are integrated throughout curricular areas and are linked to one of more themes of Catholic Social Teaching.


Students at St. Ann School strive to incorporate moral decision-making and critical thinking skills to be a community of individuals responsibly committed in word and action to the principals and values of Jesus Christ. Students are taught to be aware of others and that God is present in all of our lives. 

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Committed to Education the Whole Child...


Education Team

  The ED (Education) Team consist of the Pastor, Principal of the School (grades K-8), the Early Learning Center Director (ages 1-4yrs), and the Religious Education Program Director. This group has united all educational programs for greater collaboration and a more streamlined execution of campus operations. 


Our Teachers and Aides...


Teachers at St. Ann School are called to form a faith community where students can discover the Catholic attitude and values in the lives of those who teach them. The school selects teachers both for their effectiveness in teaching subject matter and for their ability to affect student growth. Accomplished educators with certifications average Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Teachers are concerned with the Catholic philosophy of education, professional competency, student behavior and learning outcomes.


Our primary mission...

  Schools in the Diocese of Honolulu, mindful of their primary mission as effective instruments of the educational ministry of the church, and witnesses to the love of Christ for all, shall not discriminate against any applicant, employee or student because of race, color and ethnic origin. In Coeducational schools, they shall not discriminate against any applicant or student because of sex. CSD #6022.

Our Team


Father Rich McNally, SSCC



Father Tio Niuliki, SSCC

Associate Pastor 


Deacon Billy Whitfield



Barbara Honda

Pastoral Administrative Assistant


Dona Clamucha

Rectory Receptionist


Mandy Thronas-Brown

Principal, School


Kuulei Halemano

Education Administrative Assistant


Bob Noguchi

Religious Education, Director 


 MaryRose Timmons

Religious Education Administrative Assistant 


Cindy Achong

Eearly Learning Center, Director 


Carla Castro

Early Learning Center, Administrative Assistant 


Kanoe Cartajena

ELC 2-1 Teacher 


Jeanann Caniete

ELC 2-1 Teacher's Aide 


Michelle Yamada

ELC 3-1 Teacher 


Raynette Lum

ELC 3-1 Teacher's Aide 


Melyssa Vargas

ELC 3-2 Teacher 


Roxanne Kamiko-Alapai

ELC 3-2 Teacher's Aide 


Darlene Kelii

ELC 4-1 Teacher 


Julie O'Connor

ELC 4-1 Teacher's Aide 


Kamaile Leopoldo

ELC 4-2 Teacher 


Lisa Bastatas

ELC 4-2 Teacher's Aide 


Brianna Saifoloi

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher 


Cindy Wong

K, 1A, 2A Teacher's Aide 


Bro. Darius Amansec

Gr. K, 3 & 4 Religion Teacher 


Kathy Johnson

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher 


Lizeth Lopez

Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher 


Megan Beyer

Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher  


Hannah Stoltenberg

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher  


Alexa Cortez

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher  


Jordan Painter

Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher  


Carmela Arstill

Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher  


Desiree Tupou

Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher  


Asia DiAntonio

Art Teacher  


Phillip Foster

Music & PE Teacher  


Debra Corrales

Extended Day Supervisor &

Volunteer Librarian  


Kathryn Garcia

Extended Day Leader  


Melita Hernaez-Yasuda

Business Manager  


Casey Peterson

Assistant Business Manager  


Margie Pedrina

Food Court Manager  


Urusla Brigoli

Head Cook  


Patti Ward

ELC Food Prep  


Kenny Parker

Maintenance Engineer